Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aprazivel Restaurant. Santa Teresa. Rio. One of the best for Brazilian food.

Photos Alberto Sabino

Go to Aprazivel with us.
Pick up at your Hotel or residence.
Just relax and have a good time in Rio.

Vá ao Aprazível conosco.
Cuidamos de tudo pra você, buscando-os no Hotel ou em casa.
Relaxe e curta bons momentos no Rio.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BBL - Brazil by Locals. Rio de Janeiro's best tailor-made travel advisor.

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil
on the South Atlantic coast.
Rio is famous for its breathtaking landscape,
 its laidback beach culture and its annual carnival.
The harbour of Rio de Janeiro is comprised of a unique entry
from the ocean that makes it appear as the mouth of a river.
 Additionally, the harbor is surrounded by spectacular
 geographic features including Sugar Loaf mountain
at 395 m (1,296 feet), Corcovado Peak at 704 m (2,310 feet),
 and the hills of Tijuca at 1,021 m (3,350 feet).
These features work together to collectively make the harbor
 one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Rio de Janeiro will host many of the 2014 FIFA World Cup games,
 including the final, and the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics,
 becoming the first South American city to hold either the Summer or Winter Olympics.

  • Centro including Lapa and Santa Teresa. The city's financial and business centre also has many historic buildings from its early days, such as the Municipal Theatre, National Library, National Museum of Fine Arts, Tiradentes Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral and Pedro Ernesto Palace.
  • Zona Sul (South Zone) including Copacabana, Leblon and Ipanema, as well as the districts along Flamengo Beach. Contains some of the more upscale neighborhoods and many of the major tourist sites, such as the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, and Sugar Loaf and Corcovado Mountains.
  • Zona Norte (North Zone). The Maracanã stadium, Quinta da Boa Vista Park with the National Museum the city's Zoo, the National Observatory and more.
  • Zona Oeste (West Zone), a rapidly growing suburban area including primarily the districts of Jacarepaguá and Barra da Tijuca, popular for its beaches. Most of the Olympics in 2016 will be hosted there.

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BBL - Brazil by Locals. Transfers, City Tours, Cultural Tours, Historical Tours, Shopping Tours, Ecological Tours, Reservations and much more.

We are in Rio with our arms open
 to welcome you!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rewards for your board of directors and special employees or clients: a tailor-made trip to Rio with Brazil by Locals assistance.

Brazil by Locals  was created 
to be the best choice
 for private travelers and organizations
coming to Rio
and, soon,
to other cities in Brazil.

We offer the most exclusive tailor-made tours
 to high-end  travelers,
 who can identify and appreciate 
upscale service  from beginning to end.

A Brazil by Locals foi criada para atender
a viajantes exigentes para o Rio de Janeiro e, em breve,
para outras cidades do Brasil.
Oferecemos um planejamento personalizado para sua viagem,
desde a reserva de seu hotel ou apartamento,
aos passeios de acordo com seu estilo e desejo, providenciando
carros, barcos, helicópteros, os melhores tickets
e tudo que for necessário para sua segurança e conforto.
Nossos locals estarão acompanhando sua estadia
com a melhor e mais competente assistência.
Organizamos, também, passeios e eventos
para moradores do Rio de Janeiro,
desde as reservas ao transporte,
bucando-os e deixando-os em casa.

Escadaria Selaron. Tour in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil by Locals.

Photo Amanda Brunet

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Vista Chinesa. Tour in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil by Locals.

photo Hudson Modesto - minube

Rio de Janeiro: Candidate City for World Heritage in the Cultural Landscape Category

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Meet Brazilians to know our local culture. Travelers, Investors or Expatriates.

Travelers can get a real experience of the Country,
not just an ordinary trip.

Investors may learn our way of life,
the way Brazilians live and think,
in different regions or
social and cultural levels.

Expatriates will start to understand our 
people, food, leisure and many
other important aspects
of Brazil.

Just tell us what you need and we will deliver
the best , for you to have a high level
 of understanding, making the right decisions
and going to the right places.

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Catete. Rio de Janeiro. Tour with Locals for the best of Rio.

O Catete é um bairro histórico do Rio,
entre o Flamengo e a Glória.
O Palácio do Catete e Museu da República são 
uma de suas atrações mais importantes.

Casas do início do século XX ainda estão por lá e muitas delas
estão sendo reformadas, revitalizando o bairro.

The Catete is a historical neighborhood of Rio,
between Flamengo and Gloria.
The Palacio do Catete, former Presidential Palace,
 and Museum of the Republic are
one of its most important attractions.

Houses of the early twentieth century are still there
 and many of them are being renovated,
 revitalizing the neighborhood.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Boat Tour. Passeio de barco. Baía de Guanabara. Rio de Janeiro.

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with competitive prices.
"Ready-to-wear" tours.

Our locals can give you the best assistance
and make you feel comfortable and safe.

BBL Brazil by Locals
is a group of Brazilians who like people,
 traveling and show you the best
 of our Country.

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