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Standard Tours 
With Local Friend, driver and tickets
Car with air conditioning
English, French, Spanish and Italian
For Chinese consult us in advance
(min 2 paxs.  From Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana and Leme)

Sugar Loaf and City Tour A:  from R$190,00/pp
Christ, the Redeemer and City Tour B: from R$190,00/pp
Botanic Garden and City Tour C:  from R$140,00/pp
Beaches - Tour D:  from R$120,00/pp
Beaches - Tour E:  from 170,00/pp
Rio Scenarium with dinner (min 4 paxs):  from R$195,00/pp

(prices for just 1 person:  50% more)

Details on meeting point, pick-up and drop-off:

Meeting point:
You will be met at the lobby of your hotel
 ( within hotel zone in Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Centro, 
Flamengo, Botafogo and São Conrado ) at the time arranged with your tour guide.
 Addittional fee to pick ups and drop offs in Barra da Tijuca and Recreio areas.

Hotel pick-up description:
To be met at hotel's lobby by your tour guide to start the tour.

Drop-off/End point:
To be arranged directly with the tour guide.
Usually at the hotel the guest is staying.

These are some of our "ready-to-wear tours",
 but it is our pleasure and specialty
 planning "couture tours" for our travelers.
Check out the custom-made tours and programs.

If you have a Dream Trip
 or want to celebrate a special event in your life,
 just tell us what you need and we will do our best
 to make your dream come true in Brazil.

Would you like a private island just for you
 and your friends or family,
 a beautiful yacht and a helicopter to get there fast?
  We know how to get you the best,
 maybe with a well-known chef de cuisine.

Tell us your wishes
 and we'll give you
 an unforgettable travel to remember.
Our local will be waiting for you upon your arrival,
 take you to your hotel or Brazilian home
 and make all the necessary arrangements  for your stay.

The concierge service will provide
 the best tables at restaurants
 or seats for shows and theater.

Shopping will be easy and a real pleasure,
 visiting selected stores according to your style.

Are you curious about Brazilian Art and Culture?
  Would you like to hear the best Brazilian music
 or maybe you like sports,
  and would like to see a real soccer game.

We may hire an Art or Music expert
 to give you the right information
 or get you the best seats at the Stadium.
Some of our locals love to dance
 and may teach you the first steps to Samba
 and take you to the rehearsals of our
 "Escolas de Samba".

Not to mention the Carnival Parade,
 the most beautiful open air show on Earth.

New Year's Eve at Copacabana Beach.
  Amazing!  Beautiful!  Unforgettable!

These are just some ideas.
 Please tell us your interests
 and we will deliver the best
 travel experience you could have.

We may plan your whole trip
to Brazil, but at the moment
our locals
are just for Rio de Janeiro
and surrounding area.

Very soon we will have locals
for most of the touristic areas in Brazil.

+55 21 7929 3391 (Alberto)
+55 21 3206 9800 (Alberto or Horacio)

Here are some Brazilian attractions.
Remember you may ask us a tailor made tour,
 just for you.

Click here for more info and tips





  • Dancing.
  • Delta-wing flying.
  • Desfile de Escolas de Samba.  Carnival Parade.  Sambódromo.  Rio.
  • Diving.
  • Downtown Rio.  Centro do Rio.


  • Eco-Tour.  Tour Ecológico.
  • Enology.  Rio.
  • Equestrian and off-road activities.
  • Escolas de Samba - Rehearsals.  Samba Schools.  Rio.



  • Gay Rio.
  • Gastronomy.  Rio.
  • Gipoia Island.  Ilha da Gipóia.  Angra.  Rio.
  • Golf in Rio.  Southeast.
  • Gramado.  Rio Grande do Sul.
  • Guaira.  Paraná.  Fishing.
  • Guaratiba and Mangaratiba.  Rio.



  • Ilha do Mel.  Paraná.  South.
  • Ilha Grande.  Angra dos Reis.  Rio de Janeiro.  Southeast.
  • Ilha Mexiana.  Pará.  fishing.
  • Indians - Guarani Tribe.  Tribo de Indios Guarani.  Rio.
  • Iguassu Falls.  Foz do Iguaçu.  Paraná.  South.
  • Ilha Bela.  São Paulo.  Southeast.
  • Inhotim.  Minas Gerais.  Southeast.
  • Ilha do Mel.  Paraná.  South.
  • Ipanema.  Rio.  Southeast
  • Iranduba.  Amazonas.   North.
  • Itacaré.  Bahia.  North.
  • Itacoatiara.  Amazonas.  North.
  • Itacoatiara.  Rio.  Southeast.
  • Itacuruçá.  Rio.  Southeast.
  • Itaipava and Petrópolis.  Rio.  Southeast.


  • Jalapão.  Tocantins.
  • João Pessoa.  Paraíba.
  • Jogging.  Rio.
  • Jericoacara.  Ceará.
  • Jewish Rio.
  • June Festivals.  Festas Juninas.  Northeast of Brazil.
  • Jungle Lodges.  Amazon.



  • Lagoa, Ipanema and Leblon.  Rio.
  • Lapa.  Rio.
  • Leblon.  Rio.  Southeast.
  • Lençóis Maranhenses.  Maranhão.
  • Litoral Norte.  São Paulo.


  • Maceió.  Alagoas.
  • Manacapuru.  Amazonas.
  • Manaus.  Amazonas.
  • Mangaratiba and Guaratiba.  Rio.
  • Marajó Island.  Ilha de Marajó.  Pará.
  • Maresias.  São Paulo.
  • Mariana, Tiradentes and Ouro Preto.  Minas Gerais.
  • Mateiros.  Jalapão. Tocantins.
  • Meeting of the waters.  Encontro das águas.  Amazonas.
  • Modern Art Museum.  Museu de Arte Moderna.  Rio.
  • Morrinho Project.  Rio.
  • Morro Branco.  
  • Morro de São Paulo.  Bahia.
  • Mounteneering.
  • Museums.  Rio.
  • Musicals.  Musicais.  Rio.


  • Natal.  Rio Grande do Norte.
  • New Year's Eve at Copacabana.  Rio.  Southeast.
  • Night in Rio.
  • Niterói.  Rio.
  • Northeastern Fair.  Feira do Nordeste.  Rio.


  • Old Rio.  Rio Antigo.
  • Olinda.  Pernambuco.
  • Opera, a night at the.
  • Oscar Niemeyer.  Rio.
  • Ouro Preto, Tiradentes and Mariana.  Minas Gerais.


  • Paineiras.  Rio.  Southeast.
  • Palaces.  Palácios.  Rio.  Southeast.
  • Pantanal.  Mato Grosso
  • Paragliding.  
  • Paraty.  Rio.  Southeast.
  • Parque Lage.  Rio.  Southeast.
  • Parintins.  Amazonas.  North.
  • Pelourinho.  Salvador.  Bahia.  Northeast.
  • Petrópolis and Itaipava.  Rio.  Southeast.
  • Picnic.  Rio.  Southeast.
  • Pipa Beach.  Praia da Pipa.  Rio Grande do Norte.  Northeast.
  • Plataforma Show.  Rio.  Southeast.
  • Poço das Antas.  Rio.  southeast.
  • Porto Alegre.  Rio Grande do Sul.  South.
  • Porto de Galinhas.  Pernambuco.  Northeast.
  • Porto Seguro.  Bahia.  Northeast.
  • Portuguese Lessons.
  • Private Islands.  Angra.  Rio.  Southeast.
  • Projac.  Globo Network.  TV Globo.  Rio.  Southeast.




  • Saara Market.  Mercado do Saara.  Rio.
  • Salvador.  Bahia.
  • Samba Lessons.
  • Samba Schools - rehearsals.  Rio.
  • Samba Shows.  Rio.
  • Sambódromo.  Carnival Parade.  Rio.
  • Santa Teresa.  Rio.
  • Santarém.  Pará.
  • São Francisco River Tour.
  • São Luís.  Maranhão.
  • São Paulo.  São Paulo.
  • Scuba diving.
  • Seashore.  Praias do Rio.
  • Serra Catarinense.  Santa Catarina.
  • Serra da Capivara.  Piauí.
  • Serra do Cipó National Park.
  • Silves.  Amazonas.
  • Skiing.
  • Soccer.
  • Spa Day.
  • Suburbs.  Subúrbios do Rio.
  • Sugar Loaf.  Pão de Açúcar.  Rio.


  • Theaters.  Teatros.  Rio.
  • Teresópolis.  Rio.
  • Tijuca Forest.  Floresta da Tijuca.  Rio.
  • Timbaú do Sul.  Pipa Beach.  Rio Grande do Norte.
  • Tiradentes, Ouro Preto and Mariana.  Minas Gerais.
  • Trancoso.  Bahia.
  • Tree Canopying.



  • Vila Flor.  Rio Grande do Norte.
  • Vista Chinesa.  Rio.
  • Vitoria.  Espírito Santo.


  • Walking Tour.
  • Waxing - brazilian way.
  • Wild Life.
  • Workout - brazilian way.





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