Saturday, January 7, 2012

Índios brasileiros. Brazilian Indians.

Indigenous people of Brazil inhabitted the country
prior to Portuguese, who arrived in 1500.

They subsisted on hunting, fishing, gathering and some agriculture.

Our BBL locals can tell you more about them
and assist you here in Brazil.

Brazil by Locals  was created by jewelry designer
 Alberto Sabino
to be the best choice
 for private travelers and organizations
coming to Rio
and, soon,
to other cities in Brazil.

We offer the most exclusive tailor-made tours
 to high-end  travelers,
 who can identify and appreciate 
upscale service  from beginning to end.
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photo Mario Vilela.  Funai

photo Gleilson Miranda

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photo Sandra Carvalho

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+55 21 7929 3391 (Alberto)
+55 21 3206 9800 (Alberto or Horacio) - Plantel

Our locals can give you the best assistance

and make you feel comfortable and safe.

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