Monday, April 16, 2012

Receptive Tourism in Rio de Janeiro. BBL - Brazil by Locals.

Brazil by Locals  was created by jewelry designer
 Alberto Sabino
to be the best choice
 for private travelers and organizations
coming to Rio
and, soon,
to other cities in Brazil.

We offer the most exclusive tailor-made tours
 to high-end  travelers,
 who can identify and appreciate 
upscale service  from beginning to end.

We also have standard tours
with competitive prices.
"Ready-to-wear" tours.

An exclusive service for travelers,
providing you with fully personalized,
 one-on-one support, 
so that you may be able to feel like
 a true resident
 on your next trip to Brazil.

+55 21 7929 3391 (Alberto)
+55 21 3206 9800 (Alberto or Horacio)

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Thanks for your comment. Welcome to Rio and Brazil !!! Obrigado e seja bem-vindo ao Rio!

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